Celia Gail Stuart

Servant of the Universe


Change Your Energy to Change Your Life

If you are dealing with a ‘difficult’ relationship, the first thing you need to know is that you should be looking at yourself to see what it is within you that has magnetically attracted this relationship. It is of absolutely no use whatsoever to get into a ‘blaming’ attitude.

And if you are in a recurring cycle – that is, you are having problems with a number of relationships, it really is time to stop and start the analysis. It is beneficial to do this for many reasons but the main three are :-. first – you can improve the relationship and get more benefit from it, second – you are working through your own negative blocks and third – you will attract better relationships in the future once you have learned the lessons which this relationship is teaching you.

It is our REACTION to people that will show us where there are lessons to be learnt. Every time you get a bad feeling inside yourself, be that emotion fear, resentment, anger or hurt, take a moment to see WHY you need to have that reaction. Where did it come from, what is the conditioning that has allowed that automatic reaction, is this an ego reaction? Words cannot hurt us, only our reactions can cause hurt and pain.

Family relationships can have a lot of karmic implications but even these can be changed. And if at the end of the day, you decide to move on and leave someone behind, it is far better to have worked on yourself first, then you will be able to let go and bless with love.

Many people, women in particular, suffer from issues of low self esteem. Unless these people decide to work on themselves and regain their power, perhaps with the help of a therapist, they will only keep attracting relationships that confirm their low self esteem.

So, let´s change ourselves and have better lives and relationships!

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