Change Your Energy to Change Your Life

This is the most difficult area for most people, possibly because of conditioning and also the media.

We are told about world problems, the financial markets, and all the focus is on negative news, lack and scarcity. Negative news spreads like wildfire!

The first thing you need to know is that your focus must not be on money itself – which is only a form of energy – but the goals behind it. You need to focus on what it is that you want in your life because the universe has ways of bringing things to us in an indirect way – if we let it. If we keep focussing on lack of money, rather than the goals, the universe just brings us more ‘lack of money’. If we get into alignment with our goals, that’s when miracles can happen – if we are open to that possibility.

There are different ways of approaching how to increase our income but one of the main blocks I have found with people is that often they tend to think that they do not have the educational qualifications or experience to move up in the money-making field and become prosperous.

I truly believe that we tend to LIMIT ourselves because of this way of thinking. Some of the most wealthy people on the planet have had very little in the way of education or did poorly at school., probably because they were not interested in what they were being taught! However, they used their creative MIND POWER and WILL to achieve their goals and get to where they wanted to be. They also used their passion to strive forward and prosperity just naturally came to them.

It is no good for us all to moan about how little our job pays, we have to DO something about it. We must not focus on LACK but on PROSPERITY. First we have to honestly evaluate what our skills and our passions are, present and past. Perhaps you are a good organiser, or you like talking to people or are good with your hands. Where does your passion lie?

Then, some options are:

Think about what you would really like to do and start a business, perhaps before you give up your job.

Get an additional income stream, maybe from the internet or some private work. I can let you have some links for setting up an internet affiliate business. If you are a stay-at-home mum, there is always extra money to be made from taking in washing, ironing or sewing jobs – provided you enjoy doing those tasks!

Become a healer of some sort, see what avenue you are drawn to – Reiki, counselling, reflexology, crystal healing etc. If you are good at what you do, your fame will spread and people will be drawn to you, despite any lack of ‘good’ qualifications.
Become a house sitter – someone who goes and stays in other peoples homes when they are on holiday. Have a break from your own environment!

Do animal sitting or dog walking and keep fit at the same time.
Sell your house and move to another country where property prices are lower (e.g. Portugal!) and get rid of that stomach-churning mortgage repayment and benefit from little or no council tax. I know many people who have chosen this route to get a better lifestyle. Sometimes one partner will keep their links open so that they can go back to their old country for some of the year to work and raise the money for the rest of the year off.

If you cannot come up with any ideas yourself, there are always other people out there in the world who can help you; when you are stuck in a situation you cannot always see the wood for the trees.

Most people hold themselves back because of FEAR -which is usually because of a lack of confidence. If this applies to you, then do something to change your attitude. Read the book, Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway, work on yourself with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or go and see a therapist or Life Coach.

Use whatever avenues you can to move your blocks to abundance and have the life you really want.

Don’t know what you want? Better start thinking about it …….. you may need to start with working out what you don’t want so that you can see what the opposite would be.

And for the more metaphysically-minded amongst you, are you going to ask me if I believe in past-life vows etc holding some people back? Yes, I do, but anything can be changed , IT’S ALL ENERGY !

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