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Change Your Energy to Change Your Life

Most people, especially women, are intuitive to a greater or lesser degree. The more we focus on using our intuition the stronger it will get and it will serve us well. Have you ever known who was at the other end of the telephone when it rang and before you answered it? Has a letter arrived and you just ‘felt’ it would arrive that day? Or you had a hunch about something that turned out to be true?

People’s intuition tends to grow in the area that is focussed upon, for example a policeman may ‘smell a rat’ and just ‘know’ that someone is lying. A printer might be just ‘drawn’ to the one pile of printed material where the type is blurred. Good businessmen often use their gut feelings to go after a deal or ‘read’ what their opponent is up to.

When we are trying to manifest abundance and a better life for ourselves, it helps to increase our intuition and even develop our psychic skills as well.

For me personally, there has often been times in my life when I have tried to turn left to go one way and it has been as though some invisible force has firmly pushed me to turn right and go the other way, and there has always been a positive outcome from that. I describe the feeling sometimes as though someone has put a big sink plunger on my solar plexus and is dragging me along with it! Sometimes I find I ‘just know’ things, even though no-one has told me.

In my 24+ years of experience running psychic development circles, I have found that most people can improve their intuition ,psychic and healing skills to some degree, and a number will go on to develop as psychic readers, healers or mediums. Maybe you will feel like finding such a development circle, it will broaden your knowledge and experience. If you are interested in mediumship, ask at your local Spiritualist church. When I started out on my spiritual pathway, I could not find a development circle, so I put a ‘Wanted’ advert in the Pyschic News. That one little advert turned my whole life upside down!

I believe that the main discipline that is good for improving intuition is meditation, in some form or another. I have often been told by a person that they simply cannot quieten their mind down enough to meditate and my suggestion has been to take a different attitude to their spiritual attunement and put aside 10 to 15 minutes a day to sit and talk to their higher guides, even out aloud. Our guides are there around us, whether we sense them or not, and this gives them the opportunity of getting close to us. They can do a lot from their side of life to sensitise our auras and heighten our awareness.

Mindfulness of breath, breathing exercises, guided meditation tapes, focussing on a candle or mandala –. All of ways of meditating will help us move forward. It’s the discipline that is important too – our commitment to our spiritual progression.

And when we have got in tune with our spiritual selves, the universe responds in a magical way, sending us synchronicities . Synchronicity is when a meaningful coincidence occurs, and for me those little happenings show that I am moving forward in the right way. Watch the signs that the universe brings you – the angels are working on your behalf!

There are some meditations for you here:

Personally, I do use astrology and numerology to help me understand myself more and the current energy influences in my life.

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