Celia Gail Stuart

Servant of the Universe


Celia has worked as a healer and holistic therapist for many years (currently  nearly 30 years). She was originally a certified healer with 3 healing organisations, the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, Sussex Healers Association and the Spiritualist's National Union.

She is a Reiki Master in various modalities including Atlantean. She also holds a certifcate for Shamballah Multidimensional healing.

However, despite all her qualifications, Celia believes that it does not matter which label we give to a healing modality, but what is important is how much benefit it brings people.

Her passion now is bring forward the newest  form of healing - Multidimensional. As we all open up to multidimensional energies, it becomes easier for people to become attuned with the help of a catalyst who is already attuned to those energies.

To become a Multimensional healer, you can train with Celia over just 6 sessions, one per month on a Saturday morning at different venues.

Each session will include:

  • Discussion of a topic such as but not limited to: Energy centres, code of conduct, psychic protection, psychic development and awareness, animal healing, grounding, using Sacred Geometry,  basic counselling, magnetic healing versus channelled healing, entity removal, spirit guides and helpers, higher level consciousness, prayer/invocation
  • Invocation
  • Meditation
  • Distance Healing
  • Attunements
  • Practice on other members of the group

You will be attuned to Multidimensional healing energy and learn how to conduct a healing session. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate.


If you are interested in this healing development course, please contact Celia by emailing: or