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Helping people to improve their lives  – “Change Your Energy to Change Your Life”

For over 26 years, I have experienced a lot of different types of mediumship, psychic abilities and spiritual channelling in various forms and I have  been teaching and helping other people – many have developed  psychic and intuitive gifts, including some mediums who now work internationally. I have lost count of the number of healers and psychic readers who have been in my groups, and gone on to become teachers themselves.

I am a catalyst  and I help to  speed up other people’s development, bringing  out their potential and strengthening their abilities. I founded The Healing Light in Shoreham, Sussex UK as a psychic and spiritual centre and part of it continues to this day. Together with Laura Ball, I have now started The Spiritual Light Centre in Upper Beeding, Sussex

I am keen to pass on the ability for people to develop as healers and teachers of spiritual matters.

I also offer private sessions for Spiritual Counselling, usually via Skype, Whatsapp or Messenger. I can listen to your problems without judgement and with complete confidentiality. I hold the space and energy for you to find solutions for yourself. Please contact me via email - -  or Facebook messenger initially -

I am always on a mission to help people improve their lives and open up to manifesting  abundance through co-creation with the unseen forces of the Universe.

To a metaphysician, manifesting is the act of tapping into the Field of Unlimited Possibilities that is all around us, and purposefully “magnetizing” something to be able to create a particular happening here on the earth-plane. For most people, this is creating a miracle.

What is a miracle? To some people it would be an act of religious significance, such as the appearance of Mother Mary in Fatima, Portugal. Or the anecdotal evidence about Sai Baba materializing food from out of a dry desert. One dictionary definition is, “An event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or an act of God”. I have had proof about the power of conscious manifestion and this certainly brings to me events that would seem to be miracles, defying logical explanation.

I am not longer operating a mailing list personally (but you can join the one at but I offer a FREE 10 Point Plan to change your energy to change your life, please go to

Also there are some meditations for you here:

We can all create miracles and abundance in our lives IF we provide the right conditions for them to take place. I believe that if we can learn to understand the process behind manifesting and how to clear all our own negative blocks and limiting beliefs, that we can create a better reality and life for ourselves, and thereby improve the world we live in. The more people who work towards this, the more people will be magnetically attracted to follow the same process and there will be a shift in mass consciousness.

When I use the word “abundance”, I am talking about abundance on every level of being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – so, good vibrant health, prosperity, happiness and joy and spiritual fulfilment.

If YOU want to change your life, you need to change your inner world first – that is, to change your thoughts, actions and reactions, and you need to raise your vibration. Remember that the Law of Attraction will draw to you those things that match your vibration – if you focus on joy and abundance, you will attract more of those things.

To change your life, you have to change your energy and so it is a process of self improvement and self development. What do you want to change? Are you in a poor relationship or a boring job? Do you feel stuck or do you just have the feeling that something is missing from your life?

You can do this through many ways but the first step is always ACCEPTANCE – you must accept that you have created your current reality up till now and you must take responsibility for that, then you can move forward from that base position.

You can use tools such as :

  • Self-awareness ( a must) – watch for automatic negative thoughts and CHANGE them !
  • Affirmations
  • Visualisations
  • Exercises to stretch your thinking patterns
  • EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – to remove negative emotions and blocks to abundance
  • NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Goal setting
  • Vision boards
  • Gratitude books
  • Emotional Guidance System

REMEMBERWhat we focus on we give energy to, so DO NOT focus on unwanted situations or the Law of Attraction will bring more of those to you – purely focus on the positive side of things. Learn to flip your thinking from a negative thought to a positive one, you will create a more positive outcome from that position.

Testimonial from L.G. – ‘’I first met Celia when she was delivering a workshop on ‘’Manifesting Abundance’’. I found the workshop incredibly inspiring and it helped me to move to a new level of understanding in my life. I have since had the opportunity to work through a number of self limiting beliefs using Celia’s techniques and her personal support. Through her gentle guidance and strong intuitive insights Celia is gifted at enabling others to empower themselves. After connecting with Celia, whether in person or through reading her written works, I always feel uplifted in both mind and spirit.’’    

There is a huge amount of FREE information on the internet too – do take advantage of it! Let’s create miracles in YOUR life!